Toztizok: PlatteTozti

Tijd voor een ouderwets lekkere knallende Toztizok avond met Toztizok en Plattegrond Records!

Lourdes (NL)
Lourdes is a meeting between Hein Verhoeven and Anna Sophie de Vries and is a musical ode to, and applause for the Blessed Virgin Mary. Lourdes is about the dualistic world and offers psychedelic and interdimensional alternative worlds. Anna Sophie de Vries on vocals & electronics, Hein Verhoeven aka Boris Scorpio on Modular Synth.

Maria Carlas & Mylo Cywitz (IT/NL)
Maria Carlas (IT) and Mylo Cywitz (NL) have teamed up recently to perform shows and record an album. They have performed all over Europe separately as solo artists and in groups.
Maria Carlas brings her operatic voice and impulsive key work to Mylo Cywitz classical industrial compositions. Live they have a costumed show with a lit music stand, accompanying visuals playing obscure mini synths, xylophone and mandolin. Together they have been performing in Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands.


Vestas (NL)
Vestas is the new guise of Frank Vis, famous Amsterdam underground museum.

DJ Jorrit Snor (NL)
DJ Snor (hoewel reeds dik 50 jaar* met pensioen) draait plaatjes en andere reeds door anderen geproduceerde werken. (*kun je niet vroeg genoeg mee beginnen. volgens sommigen).

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