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Hypochondriac Resonators (bu/en)

Hypochondriac Resonators

The project has been initially inspired by the common passion of the members about the real-time digital processing of acoustic instrumental sound. The duo – Dan Gibson (modified cello/ electronics) and Vladimir Vlaev (modified guitar/electronics) are also active as solo performers with their self developed instruments. In Hypochondriac Resonators both artists explore the sound palettes of their instruments , often in an spontaneous and improvised manner. Although their individual approaches to instrumental processing are very different from each other. The common musical output impresses with its coherence and completeness. Active for less then a year Hypochondriac Resonators have preformed at the “Myriads” series at Helicopter (Den Haag), Kernel Panic series at Studio Loos (Den Haag), Grondwater Festival (Den Haag). The collective artistic output of the two leads them recently to the recording studio working on their first album.

More info about the members at: https://noisesinthenight.com/ , http://vladimirvlaev.com/

Zwarte Hond (nl)

Zwarte Hond startte in mei 2018 als vervolg op MadFuck hiermee maakt hij noise/soundscapes als klanktapijten over elkaar heen gegoten door middel van geluidsmanipulatie en looping.


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