Experimental: Toztizok

Tijd voor experimentele muziek met een paar uiteenlopende acts van Toztizok!

Dragons+Doyle is a duo experimenting with abstract storytelling and the meditative effects of repetition. A cymbal and a loop pedal, a voice and two hands. Sonic waves surround and like the great whale the seas begin to move around you. Relax they are here to help.

Website: https://soundcloud.com/dragonsdoyle
Bandcamp: https://dragonsdoyle.bandcamp.com/
Video: https://www.facebook.com/studiump20/videos/361173727919427/

Julius Ménard (ambient guitars, Münster)

Jeans Beast (drone guitars/noise/tapemusic, Mönchengladbach)

licht-ung (experimental violin, leverkusen)

Open 20:30 uur
Entree 3 euro.

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